Twitter: The Longer Biog!

PLEASE DO NOT DM ME. I have turned off social media notifications so won’t see it in a hurry. Stick your question on the timeline using @simonhardwick , or if it’s commercially sensitive please use the contact form.  I can’t respond to all queries but will try my best to. Enquiries about specific shows should be directed to the production company, often I can’t reply due to client confidentiality.

I wrote this page to introduce myself on twitter with a little more detail than the normal bio section allows.  Thanks for your interest, I hope this may lead to you following me!

My homepage has a bit more detail about me and what I do. On twitter I’d say my tweets are probably 60% related to that and 40% random stuff that makes me laugh.

My day job is Supervisory Studio Engineer for BBC Studioworks. There’s more about what I do here.  I also appear on the radio sometimes. I’m currently presenting The Clubber’s Breakfast and also freelance cover shifts on a few radio stations. My radio page is here.

I’m partner to the wonderful Anna, and Dad to the equally wonderful Ella.

I treat twitter followers as I do anyone I meet in real life – with respect and politeness – in return I’d ask the same of you.

I may have followed you because your content appeared in my timeline and it made me smile. Alternatively I follow back if you have interacted with me, so please introduce yourself and say hi.

I won’t follow back if your timeline is 99.9% politics  – I’ve made up my own mind and that is personal to me.

If your timeline is retweets of fake news, disrespect to other twitter users, or your profile tries to link me to a random dating website full of photoshopped ladies in bikinis, don’t expect me to follow or interact with you. I also won’t follow back if you have no profile picture or bio, as experience shows that those users are mostly trolls or bots.

I’m definitely not here for dating, sliding in your DM’s or other antisocial or disrespectful twitter behaviour.  For me twitter is a friendship thing and for work networking. If that’s the same for you let’s say hi and chat random rubbish together!

All the best


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