Social Media

Social Media


I have turned off social media notifications so won’t see it in any hurry. Please use the contact form on this site if you’d like to contact me.


I’m mostly on Mastodon these days and my account is here


My twitter account is here  and it’s now a publish-only account. The content that I post on twitter is now an automated duplication of what I post on my Mastodon account. This means I check the platform less frequently for replies or messages so if you want to reach out to me please do so via another platform.


I’m on threads but don’t really use it. I do have Facebook and Instagram profiles but these are for personal use only, and I have a policy of only accepting friend requests from people I’ve met at least twice and I’m still regularly in touch with. Please do not be offended if I don’t accept your friend request on those platforms. To be honest, you’re not missing out on a huge amount of content anyway and you can always contact me here.

My Policy on Social Media

The content I post on this site and on social media are purely my thoughts and opinions and do not reflect those of any companies, organisations or individuals who engage in my services.

I treat social media followers as I do anyone I meet in real life - with respect and politeness - in return I’d ask the same of you.

I may have followed you because your content appeared in my timeline and it made me smile. Alternatively I follow back if you have interacted with me, so please introduce yourself and say hi.

I won’t follow back if your timeline is mostly politics or your content is generally negative towards others or any organisations that I am associated with. The reality of social media these days is everyone has different opinions and no one is going to change another’s opinion purely by bashing the keyboard angrily - life is too short, and many genuine debates are not possible unless face to face.

I’m happy to chat but if you’re looking for an argument, I’m not your man. You’re better off finding an establishment like this!

The longer biog

If you found this page from a link on my social media, here’s a little more detail than the normal bio section allows.Thanks for your interest, I hope this may lead to you following me!

My homepage has a bit more detail about me and what I do. My social media posts are probably 60% related to that and 40% random stuff that makes me laugh.

My day job is Supervisory Studio Engineer for BBC Studioworks. There’s more about what I do here.  I also appear on the radio sometimes.  My radio page is here

I’m husband to the wonderful Anna, and Dad to the equally wonderful Ella and Luca

That’s all really, as long as it remains a pleasant experience I’ll be hanging around on social media and I look forward to chatting with you.