Eurovision’s Epic Sax Guy vs Sir Greg Knight MP’s Theme Tune

On the eve of a General Election my work colleagues challenged me to create a mash up of these two earworms. I apologise in advance for your brain slowly melting out your ears in a saxophony of repetitive noise.  There’s some background about how this video came about below.

I offer this with no political preference or persuasion – vote for whoever you want as long as you vote for someone! Don’t give up your democratic right!



Epic Sax Guy was a meme that appeared on the internet shortly after the Eurovision Song Contest in 2010. Taking the shortest of middle-8 loops from the Moldovan song entry and looping it for 10 hours on youtube is possibly the most evil thing anyone has ever done on the internet.

Our boss has this 10 hour loop running on mute and randomly unmutes it for us all to “enjoy” at various intervals during the workday.  In fact I’m entirely convinced 26 million of the 27 million views the loop has received on youtube come from him.

Meanwhile Sir Greg Knight is a conservative MP who released a campaign video that went viral in the UK thanks to a dry deadpan delivery followed by an unexpectedly upbeat and cheesy theme song.

There’s something strangely familiar about Sir Greg’s delivery.  Brian Butterfield perhaps?



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